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Fitness the ability to perform is a completely relative term which each individual will ultimately define, but now as we all continue forward in this ever increasing prolonged sitting world the need to address and support basic function has a role in advancing and maintaining the dream of ultimate performance. With the information age and an ever increasing rate of prolonged periods of sitting and workplace sedentary lifestyles more and more recreational and professional athletes are realizing the importance of paying close attention to avoiding common maladies which may jeopardize their true performance potential, as well as opening the door to heightened risks of career ending injuries.      

With the current popularity in "body weight training"  the requirement to optimize a more neural orchestration and kinetic awareness as brought exercise and functional movement training full circle. In order to advance and sustain a more injury free potential athletes require additional challenges which promote functional focus, balanced core, and proper flexibility with more proprioceptive training which helps point out potential weak links. It all comes down to understanding "strength tension relationships" within the body which may alter or inhibit the athletes ability to perform at a optimal competitive level.

Integrating appropriate static and dynamic neuromuscular balanced strength progressions is not just an optional routine, but a mandatory one to allow full and complete optimization in order to keep the human body capable of managing and appropriately dissipating any type of stress to the body from a maintenance run to applying extreme off season strength programs in order to promote improvements in endurance, strength, and power. Once we understand the present condition and neural proprioceptive (kinetic awareness) abilities of our clients this allows us to draw up their "individual neuro road map" to begin strategizing how to most effectively and safely reach their desired performance goals. Stability follows proprioception. 

A competitive body is easy to find with HABIT™ (Holistic Alignment Balance Integrity Training™) featuring the Balance Professor's exclusive ON IT BEAMWORK Strength System™ OIBSS having clients screened with movement assessments in a controlled sometimes chaotic environment to demonstrate existing capabilities going against gravity. Even diehard dedicated competitive athletes face no choice  mandatory prolonged periods of sedentary sit time. Getting into a habit of making movements matter OIBSS offers effective in and off season low impact neuromuscular based training protocols which compliment existing strength challenging athletes with time under tension stamina routines while enhancing proprioception (kinetic awareness) capabilities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

STABILITY FOLLOWS   > PROPRIOCEPTION                                                                                                                                PROPRIOCEPTION FOLLOWS  > BALANCE                                                                                                                                                 BALANCE FOLLOWS  > POSTURE


Ask any Olympic athlete or any serious minded recreational sport out door enthusiast about what they acknowledge as their "Achilles Heel" and often times they might mention a hamstring, calf or some other muscular concern. As even the best looking and seemingly well balanced bodies all have at least one or many little minor imbalances effecting their performance at any given time.

The goal is to provide optimal functioning body balance with neuromuscular kinetic training focused on developing a properly developed core improving postural alignment and enhancing dynamic strength connecting participants with their ideal personal training…