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.Today It's About You!  Make All Your Movements Matter.  Train Smarter and Harder with HABIT

Today the emphasis of my work is to demonstrate and increase awareness on the importance of maintaining and improving one's total functioning body balance this includes everything from a proper balanced core to maintaining and improving postural alignment, strength, and stamina. Having physical balance is most often recognized or perceived as the ability to stand on one leg for a period of time - a simple demonstrative static balance test yes, but just the initial first step to discovering the powerful benefits of training to improve dynamic balance. Life is dynamic and often presents us with unexpected situations requiring quick decisive decisions keeping us from harms way or enhancing our performance in our chosen activities. 

BALANCE: FAQs                                                                                                                                                                                                      What are the major benefits to implementing more balance strength challenges into my routine?  Immediate improvements in posture, spinal alignment, functional strength stamina, and significant enhancement with balance supporting active lifestyle daily activities and recreational sports participation. 

Why is it important to include more balanced strength challenges into my fitness routine?  Identifying and improving weak areas with a neural based training strategy allows the body and the brain to maintain and enhance the essential neural connection empowering us to make those split second corrective actions when missing a step or not seeing those brake lights ahead. As with many things in life as we age our ability to maintain balance and take sometimes quick necessary moves to avoid the fall or a unwanted impact becomes less efficient. The integration of functional strength training including progressions of challenges to the 3 systems of balance works to maintain those key neural connections. Many of our known common maladies (i.e.- low back pain, shoulder limitations, pinched nerves, sciatica, etc) could be reduced and even avoided by incorporating more neural based strength balance challenges into our fitness routines. 

What are the 3 Systems of Balance? The visual system, the vestibular system and the somatosensory system                                            

I have a very unique situation and I know my limitations how can TBP's exclusive HABIT system improve my specific situation? Beginning with the very first session you will learn to walk with more efficiency, understand how and why neuromuscular training is key to optimal fitness and learn how to integrate the 3 systems of balance progressions into your fitness routine and why it ensures complimentary lifelong enhancements with strength, balance and stamina. The HABIT system is ideal for everyone especially determined recreational athletes with performance and injury prevention, while offering post rehab patients appropriate follow up fitness strategies emphasizing "the essential neural connection" challenging bodies to move more optimally with improvements in posture awareness and core strength.


The Balance Professor's unique HABIT (Holistic Alignment Balance Integrity Training) system including his new class offering nroga™ allows participants to immediately improve postural performance, balance capabilities and the ability to stay strong and sound on their feet.  The focus with our clients is to first listen very closely to their specific concerns and fitness goals, then offering a comprehensive practical progression of exercises to build a more efficient functional foundation to build on. You will experience an immediate awareness and benefit from the very first session. Greg (TBP) reintroduces you to your body and lays the ground work for you to achieve a new level of balanced neural fitness potential never more than necessary per individual need or want, but clearly focused on helping clients to acquire their personal fitness goals and help discover even more untapped potential both physiological and psychological.

When describing their perfect workout people of all ages, sizes and physical conditions often speak of their current stress (fitness endeavor) of choice which compliments their present state of condition which we know can vary at any given moment. A lifelong step class routine or running marathons may transition to more yoga and bike classes with a turn to tai chi and Aqua classes reducing the impact on joints.
This is a natural transition of many enthusiastic recreationally active individuals too often the shifts being made out of necessity rather than choice do to excess demand over time for the body to handle repetitive stress with a particular physical challenge repeated sometimes for years at a time.



The strength of any healthy stock portfolio is diverse and seemingly electric with multiple holdings reaching in many directions capable to withstand a fall here, a trip there or a complete unexpected event. Fitness defined, "the ability to perform" perform what? Simple daily tasks or ever increasing extremes of that underlying potential. So we take very seriously what exactly is most appropriate and complimentary to each individual taking into consideration current age, mobility, strength and stamina and developing a comprehensive customized strategy to reach exactly the level of fitness you define as "your" own.

What we like to do is challenge our clients to show us their best moves in a somewhat chaotic challenging environment. We want our clients to excel in all facets of wellness prioritizing what best compliments their life's passions and vision of health especially when it comes to moving well. With most people in America today their activity and moving time completely revolves around the automobile spending time stepping in and stepping out of a controlled confined car seat space with long bouts of sitting participating in a mandatory information economy. Individuals and families are continuing this high pressure game of ever increasing stress of getting from point A to point B, while steadily morphing bodies designed to move and breathe into potential various states of dysfunctional posture. It is somewhat expected and normal for advanced aging 80's-90's to begin to finally succumb to the effects of gravity over a lifetime, but now with the required prolonged sitting required to compete in the information age these compromised postural conditions are becoming common with an increasing number of younger individuals.        

Through our comprehensive HABIT movement assessments in a controlled sometimes chaotic environment we basically ask our clients to show us their existing capabilities going against gravity, while moving through space. Dynamic! Life is dynamic constantly moving. If it's the need to counter those prolonged hours of sitting or on going active participation with true athletic endeavors of competition both require a balanced strength approach.   

50 Plus ACTIVE LIFESTYLE Conditioning begin your journey today and discover "your" true definition of fitness and "your" desired performance potential making all "your" exercise movements matter.

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