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Fitness Training & Public Speaking



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Allison Oswald, Doctor of Physical Therapy                           
Women’s Physical Therapy Specialists Beverly Hills, California
“TRUMOVE HABIT featuring ON IT BEAMWORK are simple, functional and economical tools for physical health. Greg’s goal of integrating this program into fitness training programs is ideal. It has the potential to alter the epidemic of postural dysfunction for adults and get children to start making healthier decisions sooner, all while having fun!”

Bo Eason, Speaker/Life Coach, “the Bo Eason experience”                     
International Speaker, Hollywood Actor, Broadway Author, Runt of the Litter and Former NFL Player Houston Oilers 1984-1990
“As a former NFL player, I'm always looking for a great training tool to keep me in shape. Having had seven knee surgeries, among other injuries, my search was to find a program that was low impact, yet, yielded dynamic results. When I met Greg Jankowski and participated in
his unique programs including ON IT BEAMWORK and HABIT neuromuscular classes my search was over.  I now have the best of both worlds,  I get to train with the intensity like an elite athlete again, without the pain in my joints.”

Steve Lopez, General Manager- PALISADIUM Health Club & Spa  Cliffside Park, NJ
“The HABIT wellness program Greg brought to our facility truly complimented everyone of our members individual needs offering comprehensive training services of general fitness, recreational sports conditioning, core function, balance fall prevention, and post rehab strategies for special populations.   Greg’s host of unique wellness programs featuring both group and personal one on one training delivered nothing short of high quality results and truly happy satisfied customers.

Nancy Walters, Executive Director, La Jolla Community Center, La Jolla, California      
Seniors Balance Class: Holistic Alignment Balance Integrity Training, HABIT “Greg provided an innovative and educational balance class experience for my members with much enthusiasm and passion always leaving them with wanting more of his time, programs and expertise.”



Jonathon Rudin, OSHA Safety Trainer for Health Care Facilities, San Diego
"I have had several lessons with Greg and I am definitely expanding my abilities in the area of balance that I never knew existed.  I enjoy the experience of challenging my body to do activities that help me both in my daily life and supporting my overall sense of well-being.
I would recommend Greg to anyone interested in working with an extremely knowledgeable person in the area of balance and fitness. I appreciate Greg's patient, encouraging approach and great insight into how I learn and integrate new, challenging kinesthetic concepts with his unique and effective HABIT program ."

Gary Wollman, United States Marine Corp Veteran, San Diego
“Greg studies his client's posture, gait, and ability to balance needs to create a function based fitness program tailored to specific needs and goals. If want to exercise in the most efficient manner you MUST have proper posture and balance or you can hurt yourself without a proper personalized strategy. In ten weeks, Greg took me from a person who couldn't walk a straight line or stand on one leg to someone with correct posture, a strong core and giving me a new sense of confidence, but admittedly still needing more of his unique personal training equipment and processes.”                                                                                                                                                                                   

Trudy Jenzer, Instructional Designer Project Manager, USDD San Diego
“Greg has the expertise to completely assess each client's unique situation and then craft a custom HABIT program to keep them motivated and moving toward their goal. This is what sets him apart: there is no "one size fits all" approach and each session builds on the one before. 
No boredom and you see and feel real, measurable progress.”


Carol DeGramont, Editor/Homemaker Cliffside Park, NJ                                                                                                                                           “I can say with complete sincerity that your balance strength program is the best I've ever experienced and compliments my active lifestyle just right. I highly recommend pilates, yoga and fitness enthusiasts explore the HABIT method, which engages and maintains all the essential neural connections enabling dynamic movements to be focused and in tune for a lifetime of optimal mobility.”



Todd Davis, President/CEO, Harlem Wizards Basketball Organization                                                                                                               “Greg doesn’t just lecture – he performs with a passionate commitment to engage audiences with insightful personal stories and easy to understand balance systems allowing immediate facilitation of neural based training strategies enhancing strength conditioning routines and injury prevention. His team building supportive workshops nourished our team spirit. He lives to inspire productive movement with creative ambition and motivates us to move from the heart to new performance heights.”

J.R. Strecker, Doctor of Chiropractic, Palisades Integrative Medical Clinic                                                                                                            “My focus is to make sure joints function optimally for as long as possible. Greg’s presentation and TRUMOVE HABIT program is the first that I’ve seen that integrates and coordinates all muscles properly into a workout, combined with critical cerebellar training, in a way that will significantly enable and restore proper biomechanics in the active, aging & sedentary populations. His BREAKING BALANCE– Life On Mars experience highlighting and providing immediate improvements in balance for participants is not to be missed!”  

Susan Hansen, Director, SDBIF San Diego Brain Injury Foundation                                                                                                                     “Greg's BREAKING BALANCE- Life On Mars presentation to our group of brain injury survivors (US Veterans, accident and medical related) and their families was fantastic– very engaging using individual survivors for demonstrations of techniques, and he kept the group involved. His explanations were easy to follow and understand and throughout the demonstration maintained his electric energy, Greg was very supportive, encouraging and motivating for the survivors.”

Vinnie Finneran, Nichols Middle School Evanston, Illinois                                                                                                                                       “I always think of Greg as the person who made the fitness industry exciting - a man with a vision and the uncanny ability to communicate his ideas to both colleagues and skeptics. He is a rare bird - a great mind and a really, really nice guy. His many years of experience as a motivating fitness trainer, balance educator and now public speaker with his original BREAKING BALANCE- "Life On Mars" presentation and BACE workshops are destined to become a major contributor for efforts in higher learning and the obesity epidemic.”

Paul Zientarski, Naperville Community School District 203, Napervillle, Illinois
“We have been able to link academic performance to exercise and fitness at Naperville Central High School over the last 7 years. Part of the fitness routine includes balance and core strength. These are accomplished through various exercises and equipment. One of those pieces of equipment has been the BEAMWORK balance beam.”