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"I'm not a fitness miracle worker, the world is mis-aligned and I'm The Balance Professor. I'm a natural explorer with a machete for false starts providing optimal strategy for fitness success. I don't have "the" only answer, but maybe quite a few to consider."

If it's prescribing exercises to help support efforts to reduce common back pain, improve posture and spinal health, enhance athletic play, support injury prevention and post rehab strategy, or counteracting muscular imbalances due to hours of unavoidable sitting time…                                       MAKING MOVEMENT MATTER is my priority.  

Finding true balance? Impossible. Discovering true physical potential? Let's Go!

Today the emphasis of my work is to demonstrate and increase awareness on the importance of maintaining and improving one's total functioning body balance (kinetic awareness) this includes everything from a proper balanced core to maintaining and improving postural alignment and essential strength. Having physical balance is commonly recognized or generally perceived primarily as, the ability to stand on one leg for a period of time - a common simple demonstrative balance test, but just a small glimpse to what's a practical capability and just the beginning of what is defined as functional fitness. The ability to control or not control one's body with efficient movement patterns over a lifetime can be the catalyst determining the quality years later in life in terms of bone density, muscle coordination, balance, postural imbalances, joint mechanics and general wear and tear especially on the spine, hips, and knees. 

The primary focus in assessing my clients is prioritizing their goals, understanding their present physical state then offering a comprehensive practical progression of movements to build a more efficient working foundation. Never more than necessary per individual need or want, but clearly focused on helping clients to acquire functional fitness, any specific strength goals and demonstrate even more untapped potential both physiological and psychological with various physical challenges. Fitness defined, "The ability to perform" perform what? Simple daily tasks to advanced athletic and human performance endeavors it is defined by each individual. So I take very seriously what exactly is most appropriate and complimentary to each individuals situation and goals and create opportunities for clients to explore further potentials in their physical capabilities. All clients fill out an extensive PAR-Q physical activity readiness questionnaire answers which covers health history, family history, lifestyle, age, and current mobility, strength and stamina capabilities. 

What I like to do is challenge clients to show me their best moves in various and sometimes chaotic balance strength challenges mimicking common real life situations. The goal is to have clients excel in posture awareness, core stability and reaction times to compliment all facets of wellness prioritizing what best compliments their life's passions and vision of health and wellness, especially when it comes to moving well. With most people in America today their activity and moving time completely revolves around the automobile spending time stepping in and stepping out of a controlled confined car seat space combined with long bouts of "sitting stress" participating in the mandatory information economy. A high pressure game of ever increasing amounts of stress on the body  getting from point A to point B, while steadily morphing bodies designed to move and breath into various states of dysfunctional posture.

It is normal for advanced aging 80's-90's to begin to finally succumb to the effects of gravity over a lifetime, but now with the required prolonged sitting required to compete in the information age these compromised postural conditions are becoming common with an increasing number of younger individuals. When you combine this with poor eating habits, the lack of availability and affordability of fresh whole foods it is a recipe for increasing physical dysfunction and disease. We can turn any one of our convenient electronic devices to view our favorite sports stars or just average joe's jumping in head first into a new exercise program that is sure to get you where you want to go.  The question is not, "Can You Do It?" but often times after, "Should I Have Done That?" So it's all about progressions what needs to be addressed, how and what order. It comes down to basically what kind of foundation you have established over the years, what are the physical demands required to fulfill your idea of a healthy active life.  

 If you were to ask an Olympic athlete or any serious minded recreational sports enthusiast about what they acknowledge as their "Achilles Heel" and they most often times will mention a tight hamstring, uncooperative calf or some structural concern with hips, knees and feet. No one is immune to these common imbalances, as even strong looking and seemingly well balanced bodies all have at least one or a few minor imbalances effecting their performance at any given time. Things change and so has the body adapts overtime to various physical challenges some preferred and some unwanted it is my mission to help keep the maestro (you) neurally aware of how to best coordinate your orchestra (muscles) to continue on with your life's performance with resounding balance. 

One way to look at is similar to establishing and maintaining a life savings plan…
The strength of any healthy stock portfolio is diverse and seemingly electric with multiple holdings reaching in many directions capable to withstand a fall here, a trip there or a complete unexpected event.
The balance stepping back and looking at the whole respecting existing strengths, but not relying on any given few at any particular time understanding there will always be unwelcome but sustainable challenges.
The body and the brain requires an ongoing neural orchestration in order to ensure and continue the active performance of a lifetime.
The ability to perform (the definition of fitness) can only be achieved complete once addressing existing postural imbalances which we all face throughout our lifetime.
The idea is to recognize and honor weakness with attention and utilize our achieved strengths to guide us with a more precise focus with a balanced postural performance.

 Discover Your Balance Potential™