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Meal Timing: Why is it so important?

Greg Jankowski

Meal Timing: Why is it so important?

Most are familiar with the concept of calories in and calories out when initiating a new diet and fitness plan to lose those unwanted extra pounds, but many are unaware how maintaining a regular schedule coordinating when those precious calories are consumed can greatly effect your overall results.
If it's general improvements with overall health efforts to reduce weight or cholesterol to bringing on improvements with posture, strength or energy the amount and timing of those calories can be the final link to a successful result.
The strongest example with the power of timing your meals and keeping a regular schedule is actually quite historical. Let's take a look at the military particularly "boot camp." That's a familiar term most everyone as heard before with group exercise sessions designed to push you to the max, boost your will power psychologically and give you the support participating as a team.
Let's face it life is truly unpredictable and unrelenting on how many daily disruptions occur taking us off our daily games of life's adventure, so most will say I just can't do it or it is impossible. Here's where I'm going to make a suggestion and this too refers back to the initial boot camp focus for success with young soldiers and their experience when first being inducted into service.
The organized timetable is not to be disrupted for a period of up to 6-10 weeks.
When someone is truly focused to making "that" true life change sacrifice and commitment go hand in hand. Of course, the young minds and bodies which appear on the other end of those dedicated uninterrupted weeks of meals, sleep and nutrition are remarkable.
What's to say if you really "want" to go someplace new no matter what your age it is possible to achieve amazing results. If you really want something you'll make it happen, If it doesn't happen it is obviously not what is at the top of your priorities.
Work, school, kids, parents, family and those endless obligations will always be there.
What about "You!" 
Sometimes holding and maintaining focus and having the correct supportive strategy makes the difference.

Q: How do we truly stay focused?
A: Blood Sugar Levels Stable. The brain is fueled by sugar, your blood sugar at any given time. So not only does it affect your total energy production capabilities, but also your ability to keep a clear focus on the prize.

Q: How do we find the energy and extra power to go that unimaginable just out of reach height of strength?
A: Blood Sugar Levels Stable.

Q: How do we optimize our energy production to get maximal use out of our calories ingested in order to push it a just a bit harder during that next workout? 
A: Blood Sugar Levels Stable. Eating on a timetable.                                                                     

Q: What is the biggest factor in guaranteeing that we are prepared, rested and appropriately fueled to reach our goal? 
Timing of Meals
Meal Timing.
You're worth it. 

Design a plan. Make a Schedule. Keep as Close as You Can Without Sacrifice. You'll GET There!

TBP ;)
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