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Fitness Training & Public Speaking

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Fitness Professionals

FITNESS / ATHLETICS     Health Clubs, Athletic Trainers, Strength Coaches, Fitness Trainers and Instructors


Integrating Static and Dynamic Balance Progressions   (1⁄2 Day interactive workshop)
Comprehensive neuromuscular core balance protocol progressions empowering fitness professionals to design customized functional strength progressions to improve posture, balance, flexibility and movement efficiency.

Course Description
Enhancing core stabilization and neuromuscular strength efficiency with essential core exercises and balance protocols to improve posture awareness, functional strength, and balance with emphasis on proprioception utilizing; air pillows, pads, balance boards and the original BEAMWORK™balance beam.  The BEAMWORK™ Certificate of Advanced Qualification (featuring ON IT BEAMWORK®  OIBSS™ ON IT BEAMWORK Strength System™) is sure to provide a unique market position to effectively train all fitness levels and increase financial goals. Design innovative group classes and differentiate your organizations offerings.


Fitness and Athletic Professionals will take away the ability to instruct clients with the following:

•Improve lumbar stabilization during functional strength exercises

•Promote postural awareness for improved structural stability

•Balance and proprioception exercises to promote kinetic chain awareness

•Stabilization exercises to improve joint stability

•Functional strength protocols for improving neuromuscular efficiency

•Power exercises to improve eccentric strength, dynamic neuromuscular efficiency and reactive joint stability

•Enhanced mobility in movement with daily activities, exercise and sports

•Design functional and performance based workouts tailor to individual goal(s)