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Fitness Training & Public Speaking

School Assembly

An energizing movement presentation highlighting the importance of moving and being creative with time both work (studies) and play (physical activity) in order to engage both our bodies and minds. Includes full audience and select volunteer participation with emphasis on encouraging an active imagination, setting goals and acting on them. 

A Movement Motivator with a variety of talents and artistic mediums, Greg is like no other speaker your organization has ever experienced. He shares his inspirational life story while captivating audiences with movement performance art and an understanding the importance of posturing for success with a sound balanced body and mind motivating students to set goals for personal and professional success.         

This program teaches lessons that will transcend school walls and into your students personal lives.Greg proves that innovative solutions begin with an open imagination and a work ethic which allows for fun!  The Balance Professor's Inspiring Movement assembly encourages students to stand tall, walk proud and exercise both their bodies and minds for true success. 



Guarantee that each student has an opportunity to take an active role in living healthy, productive lives, while encouraging them to share the positive attributes of physical well being, confidence and community spirit with their peers and families…through an approachable easy to use fitness system characterized by: 

• An unyielding commitment to educating children and families      
  on the importance of functional fitness & healthy lifestyle choices

• An enticing menu of fun, interactive learning opportunities
   empowering educators to become healthy role models.

• No obstacle shall impede a student’s success

• An environment of integrity, encouragement and healthy
   team spirit  

A focus on 3 essential skills required to compete in the information age; critical  
thinking and problem solving, communication and collaboration.